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Social Media is a term that encompasses the platforms of New Media, but also implies the inclusion of systems like FriendFeed, Facebook, and other things typically thought of as social networking. The idea is that they are media platforms with social components and public communication channels.

Social Media is the evolution of the concept of Mass Media that places more emphasis on global coverage being a more traditional concept. Social Media changes radically in terms of information management, as web 2.0 users happen to have an active role and stop being mere readers of content becoming content generators, thus also become emitters message.


When before had an editor who decided which were interesting contendios, they are now the same users who decide, spread themselves virally “word of mouth” as more or less interesting. This spread is by recommendations through social networks, blogs or publishing of the content in new places. Now anyone can link the content area in seconds on your social network with just click on the buttons recommendation or to share.

Professionals Kaplan and Haenlein define Social Media as: «a group of Internet-based applications that are developed on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user- generated content.»

The service we offer in other words is to create and / or manage social networks of your company , corporation or business constantly uploading information , images and more. You should only contact up the menu and started .

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