Logotype (Branding)

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A word or symbol that represents an organization, business, product, brand, or individual is known as a logo. The logo is often the most prominent identity item for many companies or brands.

  • Logotypes: Logo-types; a word mark is a distinct typographic representation of the company’s brand name. For example: SONY, Cocacola.
  • Combinations Mark/Iconic Logotypes: Using just a symbol can be risky, but it certainly adds a unique appeal to the wordmark text. For example: Pringles, Mc Donald’s.
  • Emblem Logos: An emblem logo is an offbeat version of a combination logo. This goes one step further by placing the text or word mark inside the icon. For example: Starbucks, Harley Davidson.
  • Brand Mark Symbol/Icon: Sometimes, a company’s brand name could do with just a unique symbol to represent it. Symbols are usually quite abstract, but a touch of exclusivity is given to it for an added appeal. For example: Apple, Mercedes Benz.





Now, these are very important because they are the business image, the star. This is reflected in what it means, a successful “Logo” says more than a thousand words. Whether it is that your current logo is not appealing or you don’t like, or you do not have one yet and you can’t decide between a Logo, Isologo, isotype or imagotype, the team of Lion Designers gives you the support for advice and thus provide you with just what you need. After years of working in the area and a highly trained staff, we know what we do.