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What is e-Commerce?

The e-Commerce is a virtual system made for businesses , corporations or businesses to conduct trade with each other or with the public through a computer and an access network . In short , it is a virtual site or a store that caters to himself , thus giving a service to any user around the world 24 hours a day , every day of the year.


For example Amazon.com has a record of almost 27 million products sold per day. This would not have been possible without e-Commerce because manually is not possible to serve more than two dozen sales a day per person , which also leads to the conclusion that the company that meets the service , saves huge amounts of money to have it while not pay individuals to manage sales ( excessively low compared ) putting in hand the customer a point attention , with more information about your product and service and more efficient.

You want to start with an online store or your store will not attract enough customers? Please let us know, it will be a pleasure for us to see how your physical store or online is more successful.